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about us

"With the founding of JULAU BOOKS we have created a boat.

With this boat we want to sail and explore the endless expanse of children's literature.

We are ready and set sail!

Are you on board?"

Julau sticht in See

I'm sure many people have the dream of their own book.

We both had a special desire to publish children's literature - with great texts and magical illustrations that encourage immersion, laughter and reflection.

The combination of the two puzzle parts, text and image, can make children's eyes shine and sparkle.

We would also like to unleash this magic.

Coming from different parts of Germany, found via Instagram, we decided to connect our puzzle pieces and make our dream come true.  

In this context, economic success is not a priority for us.

It is much more important to us to increase children's interest in books and to give them a few happy hours with our stories and pictures.

Our wish is to stimulate children's imagination and to positively encourage their development.

For this reason, we want the children on board not only as readers, but also as active sailors.

So we plan different campaigns and projects in which the children can express themselves creatively and at the same time become part of JULAU BOOKS.

Was ist uns in der Zusammenarbeit wichtig?


Enjoy working and interacting with each other

open communication

Consideration of individual needs

Diversity and sustainability

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Unsere UnterstützerInnen und AktionspartnerInnen


Captain Redbeard

We are incredibly happy to have Captain Rotbart on board as musical support. His style and his great children's songs make him the perfect addition to our creative team.  

He is involved in our current peacekeeping mission.

He will also provide us with musical support for our podcast.

We are incredibly happy that you are a part of JULAU BOOKS. 


We were able to win a great cooperation partner for our first competition. The organization "Peace Village - International" takes care of injured and sick children in war zones. They are also involved in education.

Further information can be found here:

Together with school children (1st to 5th grade) we start a creative project and go on a peace mission to collect money for "Friedensdorf - International".

Peace Village International

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